About Me

My name is Karambir Singh Nain and I am a software developer. I develop backend APIs for mobile and web frontends. I work mostly with Python and Django. Nowadays I am learning Elixir.

I love open-source and try to use them with my day-to-day life. Following are my most beloved softwares:

  1. Python and Django: Started my career with these. Still earning my livelihood with them.
  2. Mail in a box: A very simple way to setup our own email server.
  3. NextCloud: Very matured cloud hosting solution.
  4. Camlistore: I keep an eye on its development. The base product is really good; just need some extensions for it to be really valuable.
  5. Newsblur: One of the best news reader. Simple and robust.
  6. Misc OSS: Ubuntu and Debian, Nginx, Redis, Ansible, Git, Fabric, Gitlab, DRF, Celery, PostgreSQL.
  7. Misc Mobile Side: AOSP and Lineage, F-Droid and Guardian Project, DAVdroid, K9Mail, OSMand.

Website Setup

  • Built using Pelican
  • Served with Nginx